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Dental Fillings


Dental fillings are a common procedure that dentists perform to repair teeth that have been damaged by cavities or trauma. The process begins with the dentist numbing the area around the tooth to be filled using a local anesthetic. Once the area is numb, the dentist will use a drill or laser to remove the damaged portion of the tooth and clean the area.

After the area is cleaned and prepared, the dentist will fill the cavity with a restorative material. There are several types of filling materials available, including composite resin, amalgam, and porcelain. Composite resin fillings are made of a tooth-colored material that can be matched to the shade of the patient's natural teeth, making them a popular choice for front teeth. Amalgam fillings, on the other hand, are made of a metal alloy and are often used for back teeth due to their durability. Porcelain fillings, also called inlays or onlays, are custom-made restorations that are fabricated in a dental lab and bonded to the tooth.

Once the filling material is placed in the cavity, the dentist will shape and polish it to ensure a comfortable and natural-looking result. With proper care, dental fillings can last for many years, restoring the function and appearance of damaged teeth.

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